Giveaway: get a Wildstar weekend beta key

If you're not yet running through Wildstar's colourful, deadly Nexus, creators Carbine Studios are giving away 40,000 keys for this coming weekend's beta test. From this Friday through to Monday, you'll be able to explore, loot and kill your way through the upcoming MMO. How exactly do you get one of these keys? Reading the rest of this post would be a good way to start.

To grab your key, click right here on these words. After you've been whisked to the Wildstar giveaway page, enter your email address into the form, and you'll be sent through a code on a first-come, first-served basis.

The beta will go live at 3pm GMT, this Friday, 21st February, and will run until 8am GMT, Monday, 24th February.

While you wait for the servers to activate, take a look at Chris's preview of the game's impressive PvP chops, and read about Phil's hands-on tour with the game's newly announced Adventure dungeons.

Update: For those having problems redeeming their codes, Carbine are looking into the problem.

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Keep and eye on their Twitter account for more details.

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