Gigabyte says: buy a Z77 motherboard, get free watercooling


If you're thinking of building a new PC over the bank holiday, here's an offer that's hard to refuse. If you're one of the first 150 people to buy Gigabyte's new Z77X-UD5H motherboards when they go on sale on Sunday, they'll throw in a free Antec Kuhler H2O 620 watercooler too.

The motherboard in question is based on Intel's as yet not officially announced Z77 chipset. It uses a 1155 pin socket and is compatible with second and third generation Intel Core CPUs.

The cooler is one which, funnily enough, I've just tested for the magazine. It's an all in one water cooler which replaces one of the rear system fans in your case. It has a slightly thinner radiator and a singe fan compared to the top spec H20 920, which means it's a bit noisier if you're overclocking, but given what we know about the forthcoming 22nm chips should be fine under most normal circumstances.

Given that the H20 620 usually sells for around £50, it does make the board look better value. Pricing for the Z77X-UD5H is between £160-£200. Knock off the cost of the cooler and it's almost affordable.

The deal is only open to UK customers, sadly, who buy from Scan , Novatech , Overclockers , Ebuyer and Aria . The first 30 people to buy a Z77X-UD5H from each of those retailers will receive the free cooler, apparently.