Gigabyte has a range of new Kaby Lake gaming laptops

Gigabyte had a range of new laptops to show off at CES this year, each featuring Intel's new Kaby Lake generation of processors, and pretty powerful graphics cards too.

The P56 is a 15.6-inch laptop which comes with an optional 4K display if you want it. The processor is the new Core i7-7700HQ, and to run that high resolution it has a GTX 1080 graphics card. The laptop has a Thunderbolt 3 port, and a fancy keyboard with per-key RGB lighting. 

The Sabre 15 will also have a 7th generation Intel processor, and but isn't quite as beefy as the P56 as you only get a choice of a GTX 1050 Ti or a GTX 1050. Still, these cards will run games at 1080p medium/high just fine, and you get the same RGB backlit keyboard. (You can get a good estimate of 1050/1050 Ti performance from our desktop GPU reviews.)

There's also the Aero 14, which comes with a GTX 1060 running a decent 2560x1440 IPS screen. Gigabyte also showed off what it calls the "world's lightest 14-inch GTX 1050 Ti laptop" in the P34, which weighs just 3.73lbs. Plus, the company is boasting the "world's slimmest 15.6-inch GTX 1070 laptop," which is 20.9mm and has a rather tasty 3840x2160 IPS display. It also houses a swappable bay that allows you to swap between a Blu-ray drive or 2TB of extra HDD storage.

Gigabyte hasn't announced the prices of these laptops yet, nor do we know when exactly they'll be released, so keep an eye on PC Gamer for more information soon.