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Giants: Citizen Kabuto is currently free on GOG

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Giants Citizen Kabuto

They don't make 'em like Giants: Citizen Kabuto anymore, which is a filthy lie as there's (kind of) still a spiritual successor (opens in new tab) in the works. The Kickstarter for First Wonder may have failed to gain traction, but the devs say that (opens in new tab) development is still ongoing, so that's good. Anyway, I actually came here to tell you that Giants: Citizen Kabuto is currently free—you can grab it here (opens in new tab) from GOG, and you probably should.

Giants is a big mad third-person shooter/real-time strategy game, made by some of the folks behind MDK and Earthworm Jim. It's been made a freebie as part of GOG's big Winter sale (opens in new tab), and you have around a day until the price tag will be reinstated. That sale is in its final stages, so it's worth looking around the site for any juicy bargains before they're cruelly taken from us. There are some good deals going, including Crypt of the Necrodancer (opens in new tab) for 60% off, and Sunless Sea (opens in new tab), NEO Scavenger (opens in new tab), and Divinity: Original Sin (opens in new tab) for half-price.

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