Ghostrunner DLC will let you play as one of its bosses

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In cyberpunk parkour-slasher Ghostrunner, you die in one hit, but so does everybody else—except bosses. Upcoming expansion Project_Hel will let you play as one of those bosses in six new levels, which means you'll only die when you get hit a second time. Luxury!

Project_Hel was originally planned to be a smaller DLC, but has now grown into a full expansion. As the name suggests, it will let you play as Hel, Ghostrunner's second boss. Where Jack, the protagonist of the base game, was climbing Dharma Tower to confront the Keymaster at its peak, she's descending it for reasons of her own, fighting new enemies and bosses along the way. Hel has her own progression system too.

Project_Hel will be out on January 27. A free Holiday Pack DLC with cosmetic swords and gloves will be out on December 7, containing Rudolph's Run and Boon swords, a Solstice katana, and a Nini Wonderland blade, as well as matching gloves for each.

A sequel to Ghostrunner is in the works, confirmed for PC though without a date as yet.

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Jody Macgregor
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