Ghost Recon Wildlands crosses over with Future Soldier for Special Operation 3

Ghost Recon Wildlands Special Operation 3 kicked off today with a sort-of-crossover with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier: It will feature an appearance by Ghost Recon soldier John Kozak—a battle-hardened veteran in Future Soldier, which takes place in 2024, but still a greenie during Operation Silent Spade—and longtime Ghost Recon leader Scott Mitchell, who are investigating a possible nuclear threat in the Santa Blanca-controlled nation of Bolivia. 

Completing the new Special Operation mission will unlock a prototype optical camo backpack, a "cloaking device" that will boost stealth when equipped, and gear from the new Silent Spade Pack including a new weapon and various cosmetics will also be available for purchase. On the multiplayer side, the op will add a pair of new maps, Lithium Mine and Outskirts, and the "Future Soldier-inspired" Vanguard and Sharpshooter classes: The Vanguard can throw sensor grenades that will expose enemies, while the Sharpshooter can charge up shots to eliminate sway and bullet drop. The new classes are available today to Year 2 Pass owners, and will open up to everyone on December 18. 

The update will also see the launch of a much-needed Photo Mode (extreme violence and abject poverty aside, Bolivia is a beautiful country), new items including a parachute wing, tactical ballistic mask, and the Honey Badger SMG, and a range of fixes and tweaks. Ubisoft has also kicked off a new PC Referral Program that awards Battle Crates to players who invite their friends to the game. Invited friends who opt to purchase the game will also score the Battle Crate rewards. A full rundown is available at

Andy Chalk

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