Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PC delayed until June 29

Ghost Recon Future soldier trailer thumb

In today's news, the Earth turned, the sun rose, birds sang and a Ubisoft PC game was delayed by a couple of weeks at the last minute. In a move almost as predictable as Prometheus, Eurogamer note that Ubi have pushed back Ghost Recon: Future Soldier's release date to June 29, it was due to come out tomorrow. No reason has been given for the delay, but it gives its high tech soldiers a chance to hang out in the future for a little longer before they make the near-instantaneous transition through Present Soldier into Past Soldier. They'll still have access to their armoury of neat gadgets, though, including fighter drones and cyber-awesome war-goggles. Find out a bit about how those work in this Ghost Recon: Future Soldier trailer .

Tom Senior

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