Get your gaming rig's cables organized with dirt cheap Velcro

There are lots of us with nice looking gaming rigs sitting on nice looking desks, with nice looking accessories. But the truth is, behind the nice stuff lurks a bundle of unsightly power and data cables, usually tucked away behind the dusk, on the side, or worse, just laying around.

I can't stand that. If my PC's going to have organized cable management inside of it, then the nest of cables in my room needs to be neatly organized the same way.

This is why you need to use zip-ties and Velcro. With zip-ties, get the ones with releases, so you can reuse them if need be, but another great option is to use Velcro. They hold together nicely and keep everything neat. You'll thank me later.

Amazon has an awesome deal on a 100-pack Velcro strips for $6.09 with Prime shipping. If you need more, you can grab the higher pack bundles. But $6.09 is a great price for eliminating your cable-hell.

Don't end up with this:

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Tuan Nguyen
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