Get your first look at Pyre's versus mode in new trailer from Bastion developer

Supergiant Games' next game Pyre was highlighted at the PlayStation Experience keynote today, giving us a look at the sport-RPG hybrid's versus mode. See it for yourself in the trailer above.

Pyre continues to look as elegant as Supergiant's other games. However, it's hard to get a bead on exactly what we'll actually be doing in the game. Mixing sports-inspired gameplay with RPG DNA is an intriguing idea, but just as PC Gamer's Tom Marks said in his preview from earlier this year, the video left me unsure about Pyre. Then again, Tom's description that it plays like The Oregon Trail meets Rocket League makes me excited to see more.

In addition to the trailer, you can listen to its original song, Path to Glory, here. It's not the full song, unfortunately, but it gives you a sense of composer Darren Korb's talent.

Announced this past April, Pyre releases in 2017. You can watch its beauitful E3 trailer here.