Get ready to kick a cultist off a cliff in this retro FPS

While Duke Nukem 3D may have been the loud-mouthed posterboy for the Build engine, it was also behind several other shooters of the day. Like Blood, a horror-themed FPS with a Dark Carnival level that let you throw dynamite at mimes. A few years ago Blood received the obligatory Nightdive remaster as Blood: Fresh Supply, but it also served as the inspiration for a new game: Cultic, which is being developed by Jasozz Games and published by 3D Realms.

The release date announcement trailer for Cultic shows such throwback delights as cultists being gibbed by a double-barreled shotgun, booted down a hole with a Mighty Foot, decapitated with a thrown hatchet, shot with a Sten gun and a Mauser, and set alight as well as detonated for good measure by sticks of dynamite—just like those carnival mimes.

Cultic casts you as a detective who rises from the grave to take on a gang of zealots with a variety of 20th century firearms and a dash move. It seems like a potential classic of the fast-paced yet old-fashioned subgenre we're definitely not calling the boomer shooter.

Chapter one of Cultic will be available on Steam from October 13, and will include 10 environments across the American Northwest for you to flense cultists in. While not a fully episodic release, it will be followed by a second chapter that concludes its story and will be added as a free update after launch. After that? "Future story content will just depend on interest from the community!"

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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