Get an XLR condenser microphone with pop filter and arm stand for only $6

Every streamer should have a good microphone, but how much do you need to spend? Maybe less than you think. Over at Amazon, you can score a condenser mic with a pop filter and arm stand for just $6 today.

Credit to Twitter user @FatKidDeals for the heads up on this one. It's a Floureon BM-800 microphone, and while we can't attest to its quality, the user reviews are mostly positive. For $6, it's worth taking a risk—if nothing else, you can set it aside as a backup, or just use the pop filter and stand.

To get that price, you need to enter promo code DX9XEV3E at checkout. Some users report having trouble with the code, but it worked fine when we tested it. Without the code, the microphone bundle sells for $29.99, which still isn't expensive.

One thing to note is that is not a USB microphone. It has an XLR interface, so you'll need an audio interface or DAC.

Go here to grab this deal.

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Paul Lilly

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