Get an AVerMedia HDMI capture card for just $75 right now

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Capture cards can come in handy for recording gameplay from a console or really recording any HDMI-compatible device in a window on your PC. Now you can get one of the best compact and affordable capture devices around, the AVerMedia Live Gamer Mini, for just $74.99. That's $25 off the original MSRP. It's only been cheaper once before, in a brief sale last fall.

Like most modern capture cards, this is an external unit that connects over USB, so you don't need a free PCIe slot. It supports zero-lag pass-through video, so you can keep a dedicated TV/monitor for device output, while also sending the stream to your PC. It supports recording at up to 1080p/60FPS, but not 4K or higher resolutions.

The device is primarily designed to be used with AVerMedia's own RECentral streaming software, but it also works with OBS Studio and other applications. The compact size and great software compatibility makes this an excellent buy for anyone looking for a capture card as long as 4K recording isn't a hard requirement.

AVerMedia Live Gamer Mini Capture | $75 (save ~$5)

AVerMedia Live Gamer Mini Capture | $75 (save ~$5)
This compact and versatile capture card from AVerMedia is $15 off the original MSRP and $5 off its usual deal price.

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