Get a Logitech G410 Atlas Spectrum RGB mechanical keyboard for $55

If it's a relatively affordable mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting from a name brand you're after, Logitech's G410 Atlas Spectrum RGB might be your next plank. You can grab it on sale for $55.

We see this keyboard on sale every so often. Otherwise it usually goes for $70 and up. And at the beginning of the year, it was selling for around $100. It's also cheaper than any of the entries in our list of the best gaming keyboards.

The G410 Atlas Spectrum RGB uses Logitech's Romer-G mechanical key switches. Opinions vary on how they hold up to Cherry MX and other competitors, though Logitech likes to tout an up to 25 percent faster key switch actuation. You can read more about the different types in our guide on mechanical key switches.

This is a compact keyboard that does not have a dedicated number pad (tenkeyless). There are not dedicated macro or multimedia keys, either. What you do get is a game mode key that disables the Windows key.

The G410 Atlas Spectrum is on sale at Amazon and Newegg.

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Paul Lilly

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