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I have a heaving tower of PC Gamer back issues in my living room. It sways whenever someone walks past, and I'm afraid that one day I'll come home to see nothing but the cold ankles of my girlfriend protruding from beneath a paper avalanche—I couldn't bear to think of them creased.

Since the death of disc case manuals in favour of DLC codes and mandatory warranty notices, I've clung to PCG as the honest physical accoutrement to my gaming. My horizons are broadened by features on massive games or news of strange indie shores. Our making-ofs, like Andy's dive into the Witcher's Bloody Baron questline, have unparalleled dev access, and our catastrophic forays into online worlds like Dota and DayZ champion the community spirit of PC gaming (seriously, each and every member of the PCG team is a liability). Even better, there's free stuff! Last month we gave away exclusive PCG skins for Elite: Dangerous, and there's more where that came from.

You too can have a person deliver real magazines to your door, fold back the exclusive subscriber covers and let the smell of fresh gloss paper waft up your starved nostrils. Thirteen issues can be yours for the absurd price of £36.48 (more than £40 cheaper than grabbing them off the shelves) when you use the JANSALE24 discount code at the checkout. That code's good till 10am GMT tomorrow, Saturday 30.