Get a flavour of Fortnite with this cinematic short

Epic's years-in-the-making, Minecrafty tower defence game Fortnite will finally release, albeit into early access, later this month. By now you will have seen a ton of footage of the co-op-focused game, but here's a new 'cinematic short' that shows off the various playable characters' personalities, and the light-hearted, zombie-slaying humour we can hopefully expect from the actual game.

Epic are clearly hoping fans will latch onto these personalities like people have to the cast of Overwatch, which I don't see happening, but these four heroes seem a nice enough bunch.

In other news, I finally 'got' the pun in the title, in that you're building forts, often at night, in Fortnite. Fortnite (DO YOU SEE?) releases on July 25, or earlier if you buy a 'Founders Pack'. James Davenport had fun, but not as much as he would have liked, when he played the game a few weeks ago.

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Tom Sykes

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