Get a DeepCool Gamer Storm RGB case and 850W PSU for $32 after rebate

There is an interesting combo deal at Newegg today where you can get a mid-tower case with a tempered glass side panel and an 850W power supply for just $31.99, the price after rebate.

It's a combo package that Newegg has discounted to $61.99, down from the bundle's $116.98 list price. A $30 mail-in-rebate sweetens the pot and brings the combo down into cheap territory.

This deal is worth it for the case alone, a DeepCool Gamer Storm Earlkase mid-tower with RGB lighting. It comes two 120mm fans pre-installed, one in the front and one in the back, and can fit several more. It also has room to add up to a 280mm liquid cooling radiator in the front and up to a 240mm radiator up top.

For storage, the case accommodates up to two 3.5-inch HDDs and four 2.5-inch SSDs. Overall it's a decent case.

The 850W power supply is from Xion. It features a quad +12V rail design and offers a pair of 6+2 pin connectors and six SATA connectors. User reviews are mixed, though if nothing else, you could set it aside as a backup.

Go here to grab this combo.

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Paul Lilly

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