Get a Crucial MX500 500GB for $96

Another day, yet another deal in the land of solid state drives. Not that we're complaining—upgrading from a mechanical hard drive to an SSD is one best ways to refresh a system. This time around, it's Crucial's MX500 512GB SSD that is the deal of the day.

It's priced at $120.99 at Staples, but if you apply coupon code 62817 at checkout, it will knock the tally down to $95.99, with free shipping.

The MX500 500GB is our pick as the best budget SSD, and that's when it sells for around $120. At a penny shy of $96, it's even easier to recommend. It's fast for a SATA-based SSD, and packs a 5-year/360TBW warranty (you could write nearly 200GB of data to the drive every day for five years).

Protip: The coupon field is a little hard to find. When you bring up your cart, navigate to the 'Order Summary' in the upper-right corner and click the 'Add/Edit Coupons' link.

Go here to grab this deal.

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Paul Lilly

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