Get a compact Seasonic 750W modular power supply for $70

It is never a good idea to skimp on a power supply. That doesn't mean you need to go crazy with an ultra-high wattage model, but sticking to name brands and looking for 80 Plus certifications is a good place to start. Seasonic is one of those brands, and its 80 Plus Gold certified 750W Focus Plus model is on sale at Newegg today for $80.

There is also a $10 mail-in-rebate available, which brings the price down to $70. That is pretty decent for a 750W model, especially one that is 80 Plus Gold certified.

This is a compact PSU that measures just 140mm deep. The smaller footprint can help in cases where space is at a premium, especially small form factor systems. If going the latter route, just double check your case's manual to make sure it will fit.

Seasonic's Focus Plus line is fully modular. As for connectors, you get the following with this model:

  • 1x 24-pin (main power)
  • 2x 4+4 pin (CPU)
  • 4x 6+2 pin (PCIe)
  • 8x SATA
  • 3x molex (peripheral)
  • 1x floppy

750W should be enough for most builds, including high-end ones. If in doubt, you can refer to an online PSU calculator, such as the one at Outer Vision.

You can grab this PSU on sale here.

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Paul Lilly

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