Genshin Impact's 2.7 update gets a name, date and trailer

Following its delay due to ongoing lockdowns in Shanghai, Genshin Impact's 2.7 update has a name, date and a trailer, confirming Kuki Shinobu and Yelan are the new characters and it will be set in the recently-added Chasm area. The highlight of this trailer definitely comes at the end, when a man's voice booms out with comic villainy: "I lured you here to this underground space because I've found your weakness! Die here with me!"

As for the characters, Yelan is a five-star Hydro archer and first appeared in Teyvat during the 2.6 update. She's currently a bit of a mystery, but used to work for the Ministry of Civil Affairs in Liyue. Kuki Shinobu is a four-star Electro sword-wielder and from the Arataki Gang in Inazuma. 

2.7 is called 'Hidden Dreams in the Depths' and will go live after some downtime on 31 May. It'll then run for six weeks until the 2.8 update, which is scheduled for 13 July.

MiHoYo is certainly keeping itself busy. As well as the relentless pace of Genshin Impact updates there's HoYoverse, its new "metaverse brand", and the studio is developing its next title, Zenless Zone Zero. It's also spending some of its cash on an experimental fusion reactor, like you do.

Rich Stanton

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