Genshin Impact maker reveals its new game, beta signups are now open

The new game from the creators of Genshin Impact has been unveiled as Zenless Zone Zero (opens in new tab), an action-RPG set in the last outpost of civilization following a world-ending calamity.

The end of civilization was wrought by a supernatural disaster that created the Hollows: "disordered dimensions" that appear out of nowhere, crawling with mysterious monsters called the Ethereal. The citizens of New Eridu were able to survive by acquiring technology that enables them to extract valuable resources from the Hollows. Over time, this enabled the city to explore and even expand into the Hollows, industrializing and monetizing it—a progression that has led to increasing tension between the city's "monopolistic enterprises, gangs, conspirators, and fanatics."

Amidst this chaos, players will become Proxies: Professional guides for people who seek to explore the Hollows, protecting them from enemies, assisting on their missions, and learning more about their stories.

Zenless Zone Zero will feature a "fluid, cinematic action-oriented combat system," with multiple characters offering different skills and combos, said developer HoYoverse, the new "metaverse brand (opens in new tab)" of MiHoYo. There's also "a roguelike gameplay mechanism that awaits exploration," and while I'm not at all clear what that means in this particular context, my guess is that ventures into Hollows will be randomized to some extent.

The good news is that we shouldn't have to wait too long for a proper look at what it's all about: Anyone interested in taking it for a spin can sign up for the closed beta at A start date for the beta will be announced later—for now, you can get more details on what to expect from the beta in the Tuning Test FAQ (opens in new tab).

Andy Chalk

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