GeForce 368.69 driver adds support for Dirt Rally VR

While you're waiting for Dirt Rally VR to release for the Oculus Rift, you might as well go grab Nvidia's new Game Ready 368.69 WHQL drivers, assuming you have a GeForce graphics card or GPU.

The new driver package adds support for Dirt Rally's forthcoming virtual reality mode. According to Nvidia, Dirt Rally VR will launch on the Oculus Store July 11, with existing players to receive the update through Steam the same day. HTC Vive owners will also see the VR update, though SteamVR support isn't expected until sometime later this month.

Beyond adding support for Dirt Rally VR, the 386.69 driver package brings with it a few more SLI profiles, including ones for Armored Warfare (DirectX 11 SLI), Dangerous Golf (SLI-Single), iRacing: Motorsport Simulator (DirectX 11 SLI), Lost Ark (DirectX 9 SLI), and Tiger Knight (SLI-Single).

No new or updated 3D Vision profiles came along for the ride with this release, though Nvidia did roll out a handful of fixes for various versions of Windows, including one in which Windows Media Player playback would cause a blue screen crash when Fast Sync was enabled.

You can read about the other fixes in the Release Notes (PDF) and can grab the latest driver package here.

Paul Lilly

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