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Gears Tactics is a 'turn-based strategy' game set 12 years before Gears of War

Gears of War studio The Coalition revealed "a true Gears of War PC experience in a completely different genre" today called Gears Tactics. The game will follow the adventures of an entirely new squad, 12 years before the events of Gears of War 1, as they go on the hunt for the Locust forces that are wiping out entire cities. 

"It's our take on the classic turn-based strategy genre, with a character-driven story, faster, more aggressive gameplay, a customizable squad and equipment—and of course it wouldn't be a Gears game without massive boss battles," Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson said during Microsoft's E3 press event—a little like XCOM crossed with a chainsaw machine gun, perhaps. Details will be revealed soon.

The Coalition also announced Gears of War 5 today. Catch up with that bit of excitement here.

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Andy Chalk
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