Hitman’s seventh Elusive Target is live, Gary Busey must die

As promised earlier this week, Gary Busey is now live as Hitman’s seventh Elusive Target. For the next seven days, the Hollywood legend—and so-called “infamous loose cannon”—will be wandering the sun-kissed streets of Sapienza after a falling out with advertisement organisers. “You’ll never find me,” Busey is reported to have said following the dispute. “I have the power of invisibility.”

Whether or not that’s true remains to be seen, however one thing is certain: his ex-clients want him gone and it’s on you to make that happen.   

In case you missed it, Hitman's developers IO Interactive launched a poll back in March that asked players which famous actor they’d like to see catch a bullet as one of the game's Elusive Targets: Gary Cole or Gary Busey. The latter won, which is why we’ve ended up in this, um, strange situation. To confuse things further still, Gary Cole is apparently also roaming Sapienza—an "angered co-star" who “may lead you straight to your target” reckons contract-handler Diana.

Again, you’ve got seven days to make Busey—The Wild Card—meet his match. You've also got just one shot, so make it count.