Gary Busey is coming to Hitman as an Elusive Target

Back in March, Io Interactive held an unusual poll, asking Hitman fans if they'd rather kill Gary Busey or Gary Cole. Both are worthy choices, but in the end there can be only one—and the bullet goes to Busey. 

With all due respect to Cole, I don't think it was ever in doubt. Cole is wonderfully sleazy and famous throughout the internet for the "That Would Be Great" meme, but Busey is... well, he's Gary Busey. Cole makes funny faces at blind people, and bludgeoned a baby seal with another baby seal; Busey stole a baby from a candy store, and killed the dinosaurs. His villainy is transcendental, and clearly, he must be stopped. 

Busey will join Hitman at 2:00 pm CEST/5:00 am PDT on July 21 as a special Elusive Target known as “The Wildcard,” and will be available for murderizing for seven days from that time. Remember, Elusive Targets are a one-shot deal: Blow the job, and you won't get a second chance. And as PC Gamer's own master assassin's so ably (or not) demonstrated a few months ago, getting it right is a tricky bit of business.

Here's another look at the two Garys making their pre-vote cases. More information on the Elusive Busey is at

Andy Chalk

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