Every game, trailer, and announcement in the 2024 PC Gaming Show

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The 10th annual PC Gaming Show has officially signed off, but you can catch all the trailers and reveals right here if you missed the premiere. As hosted by Sean Day[9] Plott, Mica Burton, and Frankie Ward, this year's show reached PC gamers around the world on Twitch, YouTube, and Bilibili. If it feels like PC Gaming is bigger than it's ever been since we started doing this yearly premiere, well, you're right. And this year's showcase sure made it feel that way.

This year we shared over 70 total trailers and 15 first reveals, including creature collecting and crafting game Among The Wild, sandbox RPG Streets of Fortuna, and solarpunk city builder Generation Exile. We also caught up with some regular favorites of the PC Gaming Show like the turn-based tactical Demonschool and narrative horror Still Wakes The Deep which, by the way, is launching this month.

If you just want to skim for your favorite announcements below instead of watching the full show that's alright, we won't tell our hosts. Check out the trailers for everything in the show down below and a quick brief on what we learned about each of them. You can also catch all these fresh trailers over on the PC Gamer YouTube channel.

Among The Wild

World Premiere

Check out the world premiere trailer for Among The Wild, a crafting and creature collecting game that looks equal parts goofy and cute. The first game from Swedish developer Nuggets Entertainment is a first-person farming sim, exploration adventure, and creature-collector in which your new pals are "more of a pain in the ass," than they are helpful.


World Premiere

Star Birds pairs resource management with exploration at an intergalactic level in this colorful, light-hearted game from Toukana Interactive due out in 2025.

Lorn Vale

World Premiere

This apocalyptic RPG from Gritty Games puts you in the shoes of a survivor sheltering in the sand-strewn wastes and rundown ruins of a failed world. Survive its procedurally generated encounters across the hellish landscape when it enters early access in 2025.

Ale Abbey

World Premiere

Ale Abbey is a management simulation all about brewing ales and running a monastery. Keep up the morale of your brewers, get in the good graces of your local lord, and bribe bandits to turn a profit when it launches later this year.

Streets of Rogue 2

Open world immersive RPG Streets of Rogue 2 announces its early access date on August 6. Build, craft, and survive in this sandbox with its procedurally generated levels that are 10,000x bigger than the original.

Wander Stars

How on earth do vocabulary and '90s anime meet up in a turn-based battling game? That's the premise in Wander Stars by Paper Castle Games in which you combine words to create attacks, which you can try out in its new demo.


Silly farming sim Southfield is full of wobbly physics and gloopy characters where you'll farm crops that may do unexpected things like explode, it turns out. Cultivate dangerous crops and automate your base when it launches on June 24.

Steel Seed

Dark sci-fi platformer Steel Seed follows the journey of Zoe and her drone partner Koby deep into a mysterious facility. Check out the new trailer teasing some of its story and a new area of the game ahead of its launch later this year.

Fallen Aces

Comic book-style bloody FPS Fallen Aces is a pulpy, noir adventure in which you can go loud or stealthy to make your way through its episodes. You can catch the first episode when it lands on June 14.


We didn't just see a new trailer for the upcoming RTS Stormgate, we also got to play it. We also got some details on its factions, which you can study up on until it launches on August 13.

Mars Tactics

Mars Tactics is an upcoming tactics game that lets you choose between conquering the planet as oppressed Red Faction-esque workers or as a bunch of soulless corporate mercs. Its new trailer shows off base-building and a bit of its campaign, which we'll get our hands on when it launches later this year.

Toads of the Bayou

Toads of the Bayou is a deckbuilder-slash-roguelike game that blends cards with good ol' fashioned turn-based tactics. Baron Samedi, a nasty spirit, has trapped you and your fellow hoppers in a cursed bayou to wallow and suffer. It's hopping onto Steam in October this year.

Sumerian Six

World Premiere

Catch the world premiere for Sumerian Six, a World War 2 stealth tactics game that summons up memories of Desperadoes, Commandos, and also literal demons. You can wishlist it over on Steam to keep up with development as it plans to launch this year. There’s a werebear, if you’re into that.

All Systems Dance

World Premiere

Dance isn't just a form of expression, it's also a means of reprogramming your enemies in this "nonviolent combat game" called All Systems Dance. The developer Mighty Yell brought a trailer for this new groove which it's planning to launch sometime in 2025.


Fumes is infused with the spirit of Mad Max in its procedurally generated desert wasteland where you get to slam trucks together in ridiculous gun and chainsaw fights. You don't even have to wait to give that a shot, because it's got a demo available on Steam ahead of its early access launch.


Solo extraction shooter with roguelike and RPG elements Sulfur just got a massive update to its demo, as it showed off in a new trailer. You can try that out right now while you wait for it to launch later this year.

Phantom Line

World Premiere

Here's the world premiere of "paranormal SWAT" co-op FPS Phantom Line set in post-nuclear Europe. Playtesting for this 4-player supernatural shooter has already started and you can sign up for future test sessions through its Discord server.

Killing Floor 3

We got an up-close look at the sci-fi monsters of Killing Floor 3 ahead of its appearance in the PC Gaming Show and The Impaler looks like a real tank. KF3 is already looking excellent for pulling friends into co-op, but we'll have to wait for it to launch first.

Copa City

World Premiere

The "first football tycoon game" Copa City shared its world premiere trailer and a look at all the logistics it takes to run a stadium on game day. Manage crowds, seating, advertisers, and real football club teams. You can find it on Steam to keep up with development.


World Premiere

The developers of Unpacking have gone in a totally wacky new direction with musical 3D puzzle game Tempopo. You'll strategically place your Tempopo pals to solve all of its levels when it launches later this year.

Last Moon

Independent French team at Sköll Studio shared a new look at its classic Zelda-like adventure Last Moon in which you collect Runes of the Ancients to become a more powerful Lunar Knight. It's launching sometime in 2025 but you can try its demo right now on Steam.

I Am Your Beast

This "short-form FPS" called I Am Your Beast is an adventure through the Alaskan wilderness in which you'll stalk, shoot, and chuck your gun at guard goons. It calls itself a "lightning-quick hunt-the-hunters action fantasy," that's launching later this year.


Cataclismo is a survival RTS with a building system inspired by Legos from the developer of Moonlighter. You can catch several new types of enemy shown off in this new trailer and its July 16 release date announcement too.

Level Zero: Extraction

Level Zero: Extraction, a "multiplayer extraction horror" game from Ukrainian outfit Doghowl Games has a twist for the extraction genre: three squads of three playing as human scavengers competing for valuable loot while two other players take control of "deadly alien monsters, hunting the humans from the shadows." It will be coming to early access later this year.

Battle Aces

If you don't have time for a lengthy RTS match, Battle Aces is angling for breezy 10-minute battles as shown off in its new trailer. Take a turn with its PvP in the upcoming closed beta, which you can sign up for on its official site.

Citizen Sleeper 2

Developer Jump Over The Age debuted a new trailer for the tabletop-inspired sci-fi RPG Citizen Sleeper 2, giving us a peek at its expanded scope. Instead of simply trying to survive as a digitized consciousness in a robot body, you'll have a whole crew to take care of, too. It's launching early in 2025.


Turn-based tactics game Demonschool has returned to the PC Gaming Show yet again, looking just as cool as every other time we've seen it. This time it's debuted a fresh new animation sequence and a release date for September 13 of this year.

Unrailed 2

Hectic co-op game Unrailed 2 turned up to show off its new "terrain conductor" mode that will let players build levels for one another to navigate. The game itself is planning to pull into your Steam station later this year.

Space Station 14

After 13 years in development, the overhaul of free-to-play multiplayer RPG Space Station 13 is finally out in the wild. Space Station 14 just launched into early access on Steam so the wait is finally over.


A rockin' rhythm and narrative game in which music is actually illegal, Unbeatable brings a punk attitude and tunes. We already think its demo, Unbeatable [White Label] is pretty rad, which you can still try out while waiting for it to launch in full next year.


You don't see many twin stick shooters about vikings but that's exactly what Odinfall is. Ragnarok has come and gone and now you've got to survive the deadly Motherstorm while murdering robot gods when it heads to early access in July.

Core Keeper

Core Keeper was a co-op survival crafting hit when it launched into early access. It's now nearly ready for that 1.0 launch, now scheduled for August 27, it announced along with two new character classes in this new trailer.

No More Room In Hell 2

We're all sick of mid zombie games, but the concept remains irresistible when done right, and developer Torn Banner has mastered the art of melee combat in the Chivalry series, so expect that baseball bat to feel just right as you introduce it to zombie skulls. No More Room In Hell 2 is all about 8 players in co-op trying to survive the apocalypse on huge open maps.


Catch a new look at unconventional alternate history FPS Striden in its new trailer above. The Half-Life throwback seems out of place next to the very dramatic, blue-filtered WW2-ish shooting—but then you get to the irradiated bear.

Drug Dealer Sim 2

This drug empire simulator sequel has debuted a new trailer sharing another look at its early 2000s setting complete with flip phones and parkour. It's launching soon, on June 20, and has a demo available right now if you don't want to wait to get growing.

Zero Sievert

(Image credit: CABO Studio)

Zero Sievert shared a trailer with us showing off looting and shooting in the tense apocalyptic Zakov City. After spending time in early access since 2022, it's getting ready to hit 1.0 this autumn. 

The Deadly Path

Otherworldly management game The Deadly Path has you gathering card-based resources to expand your operations and ascend a bunch of grisly deities. Check it out in the trailer above while we wait for it to launch later this year.


(Image credit: Funny Fintan Softworks)

Incolatus is a "dripping pink Y2K girly-pop retro-inspired arena-style movement FPS," which means it's crammed with pink guns and the faster you move the more damage you do. Incolatus shared a trailer with us going over that extremely fast-paced FPS action and also a bit of dressup. You can wishlist it on Steam right now.

Inferni: Hope & Fear

Inferni: Hope & Fear calls itself the "first deck-builder battle royale" where you and a team play ability cards onto the battlefield last-team-standing style in real time battles. You can download its demo right now ahead of its planned release on July 1.

Deathsprint 66

Why race cars when you can race remote-controlled androids? Deathsprint 66 is like a foot race between off brand Master Chiefs, which is somehow even wilder to watch than it is to say. It's sprinting off the starting block later this year.

Crescent County

World Premiere

This life sim inspired by Kiki's Delivery Service in a solarpunk world will set you up as a motorized broom courier racing down highways at sunset with your pals. Make special deliveries by motobroom and maybe even see love bloom in this world premiere trailer.

A montage from Indie.io

Forgotten Seas

This crafting RPG has a story mode and co-op and styles itself as a relaxing pirate adventure where you can work on base building or chilling on the beach. It's out now in early access, with plans to hit full release after a year or more.

Moon Mystery

"Moon's haunted," so goes the famous meme, but in the upcoming FPS Moon Mystery, it's true—and it's fallen to you to figure out what's going on. For now you'll have to wishlist this outer space FPS to find out what exactly is going on up there.

G.I Joe: Wrath of the Cobra

At last we'll nearly have a proper side scrolling beat 'em up based on the Real American Heroes. G.I. Joe and crew are getting together to bash Crimson Guards over the head, which you can take part in yourself in its demo.


Unlike its cozy and cute farm sim cousins, Everholm is just a little creepy. Lily gets dropped in a mysterious town where everyone already knows her name while looking for her missing sister. You may not solve the whole mystery, but you can get started planting some pumpkins in its demo right now.

Shell Runner

Shell Runner is an isometric PvE tactical extraction shooter set in a world where corporations have taken total control, opening the door to a thriving but brutal underworld where making a buck is as easy as pulling a trigger. You can try out its demo on Steam right now.

Renaissance: Kingdom Wars

Reverie World Studios has returned to its roots: large scale medieval beatdowns in the upcoming Renaissance Kingdom Wars. It's promising a grand strategy-RTS hybrid that lets you conquer all of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East launching later this year.

Debtors' Club

Debtors' Club puts you in command of a small army of lazy bureaucrats, cheap thugs, and corrupt officials as you attempt to squeeze all the money you can out of a failing city's debtors. You can beg, cajole, and bluster the city's tax payers right now in its new demo.

The Land of the Magnates

The Land of the Magnates is a world inspired by Middle Eastern myth and legends, in which Malik Shahbaz attempts to save his kingdom with the power of running, jumping, and a trusty sitar. We'll see the rest of that adventure when it launches later this year.

red line

Cat Quest 3

The cat action series continue in Cat Quest 3, where you'll now be heading out onto the high seas. Full of action combat and lots of pirate-y cat puns, Cat Quest 3 has a demo right now and plans to launch on August 8.

The Crush House

Making a reality show is tough, as proven in The Crush House where you'll throw together sloppy singles in a pastel Malibu Mansion and film whatever it is they get up to. Capture the smooching but do it with a bit of cinematic flair if you want to turn both romance loving viewers and the former film students into loyal viewers. It launches on August 9 but you can start filming now in its new demo.

Go-Go Town

As the mayor of a rundown town, bringing the place back to life and persuading tourists to up sticks and become permanent residents by finding the architectural balance between business and pleasure should be great fun. This cute little city builder launches in early access on June 18.

Star Trucker

Ditch the long stretches of asphalt and all the rough weather of terrestrial trucking in favor of interstellar longhauling in Star Trucker. This Americana-infused job simulator is sending you out into the space highways when it launches on September 3.

Escape From Tarkov

Though we still don't have a release date in hand, Escape From Tarkov debuted a new trailer to show off newly announced content ahead of its next big patch. This includes features like transitions between maps, a brand new map in Escape From Tarkov Arena, and synchronization of game profiles across Escape From Tarkov and the separate EFT: Arena.


Splodey is a platformer that "does away with the jump button" in favor of a throw button instead. Your little wizard will chuck explosive potions at the walls to propel themself through its hellish 2D platforming levels. It's out now, if you think you can finish a platformer without jumping.

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn

Gunpowder and magic-powered "soulslite" action RPG Flintlock: Siege of Dawn debuted a new action-y trailer to show off some new enemies and its release window. You can finally try it in full this summer or hop into its demo new demo.


Welcome to an alternative universe where the Cold War turned hot. A new multiplayer FPS from Blue Dot Games where the guiding principle is "accessible realism" around a core of tactical precision combat, 83's most ambitious element might be the number of players: Up to 100 per match. It doesn't have a release date yet, but you can sign up for upcoming beta events if you'd like to take part.

Mullet Madjack

In the '80s anime-inspired action game Mullet Madjack, you have ten seconds to live and you can only get more time on the clock by taking down rich androids. It's turned up with a trailer at the show to remind us that it actually launched last month in May so you don't actually have to wait to play.

Generation Exile

World Premiere

Generation Exile—a new narrative-focused, solarpunk city builder about keeping humanity alive on a colony ship hurtling through the darkness of space—thinks of itself as philosophically different from current city builders, other strategy games. It doesn't look radically different from strategy games you've played before, but there is a quiet streak of radical optimist sci-fi at its heart. You can wishlist it for now while we wait to hear when it's breaking ground on a release date.


If you've spent enough time as a cute witch, crafting witch, or entrepreneurial witch and just want to escape into the woods, Reka is going to deliver. Based on slavic myths like Baba Yaga, you'll build your own chicken-legged house and wander the countryside to meet townsfolk and summon spirits when it enters early access in August.

Blue Prince

Blue Prince continues the long tradition of estranged relatives leaving dangerous mysteries to their descendants, which in this case is a mansion that you have to build yourself room by room. This mysterious architectural strategy game doesn't have a release date yet but you can wishlist it after checking out this new trailer.

Lok Digital

Lok Digital looks like a word puzzling game, and it is, but it's also one where you're using words to expand society for a bunch of inky little creatures. You can try out the demo right now to check out what this chill and challenging puzzle is all about.

Tactical Breach Wizards

We've had our eyes on turn-based mages game for a long time, which happens to come from former PC Gamer writer turned indie developer Tom Francis' studio. You'll be able to take your party of tactically kitted casters into missions starting on its newly-announced release date: August 20.


The crafting survival genre is really going through a big second wave right now, and it's brought all sorts of wild new settings for us to explore, now including the tops of giant floating islands. Survival sandbox Aloft showed off some of its co-op crafting adventures in a new trailer, which you can try in its demo over on Steam.


For those who are already experts in the noble art of texting and walking, Screenbound is a platforming challenge where you're simultaneously navigating a 3D world and the sidescrolling one inside the Game Boy-like handheld in front of your face. It's not launching until 2025, so you still have plenty of time to work on your foot-eye coordination.

Hotel Galactic

World Premiere

Cozy gaming has targeted yet another business type for you to become proprietor of: an intergalactic inn. This very pretty Studio Ghibli-inspired game has you crafting and caring for your very own inn while tending to its alien guests. It won't be out for a while yet, but it is launching a crowdfunding campaign in July.

Still Wakes The Deep

Last time we got a look at Still Wakes the Deep we were being introduced to the creepy metal sculpture used to make some of its sound effects. This time the narrative horror game set on a Scottish oil rig is sharing its June 18 release date with us.

Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days

Set in 1980 in Walton City, Texas, the outbreak has overwhelmed the town and fighting off the zombies is just one of the challenges that lies ahead in Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days. This side scroller looks full of tension between survivors for you to navigate when it launches in October.

Streets of Fortuna

World Premiere

Check out the reveal trailer for Streets of Fortuna: You start your life in this heavily simulated sandbox RPG as a penniless nobody looking for food and shelter. But from these unfortunate beginnings you can carve out a life for yourself, becoming an art thief, a cook, a smuggler or an infamous lothario. There's no release date here yet, but you'll want to keep an eye on this sandbox RPG that's had a bit of collaboration from Dwarf Fortress co-creator Tarn Adams.

Grit and Valor - 1949

Grit and Valor – 1949 is a real-time tactics romp that's evoking a lot of cracking games like Into the Breach, Iron Harvest and BattleTech. Developer Milky Tea and publisher Megabit showed off the RTS for the first time in this new trailer and shared plans to launch sometime in 2025.

Rise of the Golden Idol

The Rise of the Golden Idol—sequel to the excellent Case of the Golden Idol—just got a funky-fresh new trailer showing off its new '70s setting and a few of the ways you'll be piecing together the puzzle pieces of its many terrible, terrible crimes. The other mystery we still need to solve is exactly when this one launches, though it is expected sometime this year.

Every Day We Fight

In Every Day We Fight you take charge of a group of civilians caught in an alien invasion Groundhog Day. Thanks to some strange sci-fi tech tech, every time your untrained fighters die, they wake up back at the start of the day, ready to go again. It's due out sometime this year, and you can wishlist it right now until it lands.

Tales of Seikyu

No, this isn't one of those "Tales of" games, but it seriously looks like one. Tales of Seikyu is a cozy framing RPG in a town full of neat animal yokai civilians. You'll cultivate crops, care for livestock, and even pursue romance as you transform into your own yokai incarnations when it launches this year.

Island of Winds

Island of Winds is an action-adventure game, set in 17th-century Iceland, where you play as Brynhildur, the Balance Keeper mediating between our world and supernatural forces. With stealth, puzzles, and combat to contend with, this landscape isn't as quiet as it initially appears. This one launches sometime in 2025.

Airframe Ultra

Airframe Ultra is set in the world of Ultra Circuit racing, a future sport where players compete on combat jetbikes called airframes. In the dystopian Southlands, first place in an underground death sport is apparently worth the extremely high risk of decapitation. You can wishlist it now on Steam.


Crafting pretty houses and tackling giant bosses with friends is no longer enough, for a crafting and survival game. The announcement for upcoming Stormforge demands we also tangle with unnatural magical disasters like tornadoes, firestorms, and the inevitable firenadoes. Take shelter when it launches in 2025.


The next game from Dead Cells developer Motion Twin is a super fast-paced action game called Windblown. Notably, Motion Twin wants it to be not just a good single player roguelite, but a cooperative one for up to 3 people. You can wishlist it now to keep track of development. In a similar way to Pikmin, you fight proxy wars in Worship, using your followers as foot soldiers to attack the enemy. Worship doesn't have a release date yet, but you can wishlist it for now.


World Premiere

A cult is only as strong as its thousands of brainwashed followers, so to be the best, you need to ensure that you've entrapped everyone you can get a hold of into your way of thinking.

Gunboat God

World Premiere

Few modern shoot 'em ups look as distinctive as Gunboat God. As the pilot of a constantly endangered gunboat, you'll need to survive through "hundreds" of challenging levels riddled with weird monsters. This one won't be out for a couple of years yet, sometime in 2026, but do keep an eye on it until then.

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