Almost 12 years after release, 7 Days to Die finally announces it's leaving early access

Which one is 7 Days to Die again? It's the zombie survival game where every seven days a rampaging horde arrives to mess up everything you've made? Sounds like Brisbane on the weekend. 

I remember hearing 7 Days to Die is one of the good ones actually, but since it came out at the peak of my period of "being a bit sick of  all these zombie games, especially the early access ones" I never gave it a look-in. "I'll wait until it leaves early access, then I'll check it out," I thought. And then I didn't think about it again until now, when developers The Fun Pimps announced 7 Days to Die really is about to hit 1.0.

They won't be moving on to another project, however, saying, "The Fun Pimps have and will continue to support 7 Days to Die development with a majority of their resources." 

While version 1.0 will launch with a new zombie gore system, remade vehicle assets, a new challenge system, more zombie variance, updated controller support, and more, a few things are being planned for future updates. Intriguing notes on the roadmap mention a wardrobe system, bandits, and a story mode, as well as Steam Workshop support.

When it leaves early access, which is currently scheduled for June, the price will go up from $US36 to $45. It's having a last chance sale on Steam before then, and will be discounted from April 22 to April 29. 

7 Days to Die feels like one of the last of the long-development early access hits to announce 1.0 that is realistically likely to. What's next, Project Zomboid? Star Citizen?

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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