Palworld is looking for beta testers for future updates, but warns that tests are 'not intended for free play or experiencing new content early'

Palworld early access
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Palworld developer Pocketpair is looking for players to join its new testing program to help work out bugs in future game updates. There's just one catch: This one is actually a beta test, and you'll be expected to put some effort into it.

"Thank you for your continued support of Palworld," Pocketpair community manager Bucky said in a message posted on Discord (via Eurogamer). "Currently, we have some exciting new content lined up but we are looking for players who can help us test these things and provide feedback about it."

Anyone interested in signing up can do so via this Google form, but take note: "The testing environment is very important for us to find and eliminate bugs and issues before releasing content to the public, so we would appreciate it if you only signed up if you are committed to the testing," Bucky continued.

"The testing branch is not intended for free play or experiencing new content early, so we hope that only those of you genuinely interested in bug hunting and testing will apply."

(Image credit: Pocketpair (Discord))

The application form carries a similar caution: "The main purpose of this test is to receive feedback from players in order to improve the quality of the game in preparation for update releases. There are still many unfinished parts, so you will not be able to play the entire game during tests, but we appreciate your cooperation."

Beta tests aren't quite what they used to be. Many major developers use pre-release betas first and foremost as promotional tools: Some last-minute tweaking typically results, but by and large the test sessions are essentially free-play weekends designed to crank up the hype machine. This Palworld program sounds like it'll be the opposite of that. Yes, you'll get early eyes on new things coming, but shorn of the fun (most of it, anyway) that actually comes from playing the game. Still, if you're interested in helping out, this is a way to pitch in.

The Palworld testing program will be available exclusively on Steam, and will be restricted to one account per person—if Pocketpair catches anyone applying for multiple testing accounts, they'll all be removed. And of course the whole thing will be under NDA, so videos and screenshots of the material in testing cannot be shared to social media (although some of it no doubt will be).

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