'Grow your cult… with your friends': Worship's new trailer shows off how much chaos you can cause in this dark roguelike

A cult is only as strong as its thousands of brainwashed followers, so to be the best, you need to ensure that you've entrapped everyone you can get a hold of into your way of thinking, then dispose of anyone who gets in your way. If you need a handy how-to, the latest trailer for Worship, an upcoming roguelike, has your back.

We just got to see the first trailer for Worship at the PC Gaming Show since the project to fund it launched back in March 2021, and this time, we've had an even better look at the multiplayer fights and turf wars within. 

Although the short trailer is pretty fast-paced, there's still plenty of room to get an idea of what it'll be like to rise to the top with your friends. You can also start the end of the world by yourself, but an apocalypse shared is an apocalypse halved, and it's more fun anyway. Apart from seeing how you'll initiate your followers, we also get a glimpse at multiplayer fights. 

It turns out there's more to Worship than just clambering up Jacob's ladder, so you'll have to gather all the bodies you can while fighting off the competition. Oh yeah, about that—other cults will appear in Worship and steal all your potential followers—and we do not abide by thieves here. 

In a similar way to Pikmin, you fight proxy wars in Worship, using your followers as foot soldiers to attack the enemy. Although if they prove to be useless (or you just run out of people to throw at your attackers), you can also summon defensive spikes by drawing a triangle on the ground with blood, or even summon a demonic hand to crush your opponents. Both work just as well. 

You can also prove your faith in the eldritch god of your choosing by fighting strangely adorable demonic beasts, although these aren't like your average enemy cults in that they actually pack a punch. A fight featured in the trailer against one demon, Eleanor, ends in a bloody mess with the bodies of your cult members scattered around the room. But it looks like dying is just part of the fun in this roguelike, so you shouldn't stress yourself out too much if you fail to arrange the end of the world. 

Unfortunately, Worship has no release date yet, but the trailer gives us a good idea of what to expect. So, in the meantime, it's probably best to plan out your ideal multi-level maleficence scheme in your head and keep one all-seeing eye on the Steam page

Elie Gould
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