The Silent Hill 2 remake finally arrives this October

The remake of Silent Hill 2 will finally be out on October 8.

The trailer shown at today's Sony State of Play was much better than the awkward one we got in January. Instead of a bunch of pitch black combat shots, we see James Sunderland and Angela Orosco meet in the foggy town and try to piece together what it's doing to them.

There are shots of recognizable locations from the original 2001 game, like a diner presumably near the Lakeside Amusement Park and, of course, dark rooms full of those iconic creepy nurses. I can't say the combat looks any better than it did last time, but I imagine part of the appeal is that it's not meant to be satisfying like a proper action game.

If the trailer nails anything, it's the way the monsters twitch and bolt out of view when James passes his flashlight over them. I've never played the original game, but the image I associate it with in my head is always a dark grimy room with something in the distance catching the light just enough that you can see it skittering away.

The monster at the very end has a name I'm just learning now, which is "Abstract Daddy". I legitimately thought the Reddit user who typed that was making it up, but that freaky guy is apparently real. He's some kind of humanoid figure bound to a piece of metal with a blurry aura around him and he looks very unhappy that James is snooping around.

The trailer ends right there but finally puts a date on the remake we've heard about for what feels like forever now. The Silent Hill 2 remake will be out on October 8 and presumably that will also include the PC release on Steam, too.

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