Co-op zombie horror sequel No More Room in Hell 2 claws its way into early access this Halloween

It's a little weird to get an "announce trailer" for a game we've known has been coming for years. Heck, a teaser trailer for Torn Banner's co-op zombie sequel appeared way back in 2016.

But who cares, because it's finally almost here! No More Room in Hell 2 will enter early access this Halloween. Check out the gore, the swears, and lots of zombies getting splattered in the new trailer above, revealed today at Summer Game Fest.

"No More Room in Hell 2 is an intense permadeath co-op journey into the eerie darkness of zombie-infested zones," says Torn Banner. "As an emergency responder you must survive, scavenge, stockpile and fulfill your mission - then repeat, each time in an ever-changing experience."

They're not not kidding about permadeath, either. If you die, your character is gone forever, adding more and more stakes the longer you survive. "Do you put your character’s life on the line to save a squad member? Rewards increase as more squadmates extract, but the risks of permadeath are ever-present."

It looks like a gory good time, but I wouldn't expect any less from the studio behind Chivalry 2.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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