You can now buy mythic skins in Overwatch 2 and, to nobody's surprise, they're ridiculously expensive to buy outright

Overwatch 2 character Mercy wearing new red and black Talon mythic skin clenching her fist
(Image credit: Blizzard)

Blizzard has changed the way nabbing a mythic skin in Overwatch 2 works, introducing a new shop, new currency and (sort of) new method of obtaining them.

The Mythic Shop is the new home for Overwatch's rarest 'stumes, where mythic skins that are at least two seasons old will appear. Instead of grinding out each season's battle pass for its respective skin, you'll be able to choose which one you want. Fancy this season's Mercy mythic? You can do that, but if you're still upset you missed out on season one's Genji skin, you can opt to buy that instead. However, if you're gunning to buy a skin that's from last season or the season before, you'll have to wait until its third season for it to appear in the shop.

Skins can be bought with the game's newest currency, Mythic Prisms. Thankfully, you can earn these just by playing through the premium battle pass. One completed battle pass will nab you enough Prisms to purchase a mythic skin with its four customisation tiers. Alternatively, if you're impatient and burning a hole in your pocket, you're free to shell out $80 straight-up. 

It's silly money, especially considering you can dump $10 on a battle pass and earn enough for a mythic skin along with all the goodies across the other tiers. There'll undoubtedly be those who happily fork out for it though, and I can hardly blame Blizzard for setting an absurd price tag on something people will most definitely whale on. Even its news post on the changes is actively encouraging people to buy the damn things via the battle pass instead—player retention has its own benefits outside of whaling—rather than buying the currency outright.

I feel like it's definitely a better change overall. Battle passes felt less worthwhile when it was a mythic skin for a character I've never played, and the new changes create a lot more freedom of choice. There's still the hint of FOMO with mythic skins vanishing for two seasons, but it's not like they're gone forever anymore. My main gripe is that it's another currency among many, and it's becoming increasingly confusing for newcomers figuring out each one's purpose. 

Mollie Taylor
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