Darktide's first update for 2024 revises penances, adds puzzles, pox gas, and a new enemy

A tox bomber holds a blight grenade
(Image credit: Fatshark)

While it's had several hotfixes already this year, Darktide will be getting its first significant 2024 update in late April. As developer Fatshark explains on its blog, this update—called the Path of Redemption—includes a reinvented penance system. Previously, penances were achievements that occasionally rewarded players with a cosmetic. Under the revised system, the points earned for completing them will progress you along a track of cosmetic rewards including, "frames, insignias, trinkets, emotes, end of round poses, character cosmetics, and weapon skins" as well as backpacks, titles, and cosmetics based on the outfits worn by the characters in Darktide's trailers and art.

To add some much-needed variety to missions, they're having new "puzzles, challenges, and collectibles" added to them, though the blog post doesn't go into specifics on those. It does mention one new enemy, a Dreg Tox Bomber who throws blight grenades, and a new condition called "Pox Gas".

The Path to Redemption update will also add an option to revise your character's name, voice, background, and height by paying ordo dockets. It's called the Personality Scourge, which sounds fun and painless.

Fatshark emphasized earlier in the year that "this is not our full plan for 2024. We will be adding new elements to Darktide throughout the year as well including (but not limited to) new missions, new enemies, new weapons, new conditions, and new features alongside balance updates, quality of life additions, along with some other surprises which we will share in due time." Hopefully those of us waiting for a continuation of the story, as well as more map and mission variety, will have something to look forward to as well.

Jody Macgregor
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