Continuing the Fallout bonanza, Humble is offering $238 of the Wasteland Warfare tabletop game's digital sourcebooks and accessories for $18

A man and a woman in vault suits stand over irradiated and hostile ghouls in keyart for Fallout 1.
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So in a post-Fallout show bout of Uranium Fever you've played all the Fallout games: the post-Bethesda stuff, the 2D entries, Tactics, hell, you even booted up the PS2/Xbox spinoff Brotherhood of Steel before good sense overtook you. If you still crave more, there's always the Wasteland Warfare tabletop game to sate you, and Humble's offering a treasure trove of digital goodies to get you started for $18.

Wasteland Warfare is a skirmish-oriented game featuring a bevy of factions from different Fallout entries. New Vegas and 4 get the most representation, but publisher Modiphus does have a sick Frank Horrigan mini for any fans of Fallout 2's nasty final boss.

The Humble bundle offers 3D printing files for three miniatures: a female Vault dweller/wanderer (very protagonist-coded), an Enclave Vertibird, and a pre-war APC. You also get files for printing your own Fallout-appropriate terrain, mostly for a Vault interior, but there are also a few tasteful wasteland adornments as well.

If you're not a 3D Printer Guy and do not know one, fret not, the pack also includes 11 sourcebooks, as well as PDF character sheets and accuracy/armor counters. Basically, you could pair this bundle with a starter set of miniatures and get right into the action.

But I gotta be real: the minis are usually what I go in for. Unpainted packs can be bought from Modiphus' own website or Amazon, but those bad boys are not cheap. My real secret desire has been to grab one of their NCR Ranger minis and paint it like my beloved Desert Ranger armor from New Vegas⁠—we all gotta have dreams in this life, right? Humble's Wasteland Warfare bundle will be available until May 11, with proceeds going to help the climate-focused charity, Trees, Water, & People. 

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