Full Throttle Remastered out now with limited time discount

Announced in late 2015, Full Throttle is the latest of LucasArts and Double Fine's classic adventure games to receive a shiny HD remake. With repainted artwork and overhauled sound and music, the aptly named Full Throttle Remastered is out now and boasts a limited time discount should you be interested in snapping it up. 

If you're new to the Full Throttle table, or have simply forgotten the ins and outs of the now 22-year old original, Tom sat down with the developer's Greg Rice and Tim Schafer last week to chat about Ben Throttle and his Polecats exploits as the trio played through the first half hour of the game. 

Here's a look at how that went:

From now through April 25, Full Throttle Remastered has a limited time 20 percent discount and costs £8.79/$11.99 on GOG, Steam and the Humble Store.

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