Full details of LOTRO cash shop items revealed


I was just given access to the full list of cash shop items in the upcoming free-to-play version of Lord of the Rings Online. In addition to the usual cosmetic upgrades and XP boosts, LOTRO will be offering a few more unique purchases, such as unlocking additional auction house slots. Here are full details on three examples of cash shop items we saw during our E3 demo. Keep in mind that this is a beta and the prices are subject to change. (And that Josh is not a photographer by trade - Ed).

Gift of Lesser Innocence

"Provides the user with a temporary +1 bonus to their Innocence Virtue Rank for one hour."

Alternatively, players can purchase a permanent boost to virtue

Price: 35 Points - about $0.50

Greater Tome of Deed Acceleration

"Accelerates the rate at which you complete slayer deeds. Deeds for Skirmish lieutenants are not accelerated by this item."

There will be different tomes for different level characters, but it should double the rate that you complete the slayer deeds

Price: 300 Points - about $4.50

Map to the Misty Mountains

Using this map will transport you to the Misty Mountains, located in the Trollshaws. Maps may only be used once per hour.

Not all maps will be reusable and you'll need to visit each city once before you're eligible to buy the map to teleport there.

Price: 100 Points - about $1.50