FTL is coming to Steam, Kickstarter campaign has five days left

The exciting spaceship command roguelike, FTL, will be getting Steam release. This is very good news for the developers, and it also means that players who have access to the beta build will be able to get the latest version of the game through Steam.

The Steam deal was mentioned in the latest developer diary above, spotted on Evil Avatar . FTL was one of the highlights of last year's submissions to the Independent Games Festival. As a ship's commander, you must jump from system to system in an unpredictable universe, commanding your crew and fixing your ship as it faces attack from enemy vessels, solar flares and fuel drought.

"Everyone who pre-ordered the game through Kickstarter can receive a Steam key in addition to the DRM free version," say the devs. "This also means that to take part in the beta you will need a free Steam account."

Frequent, violent, permanent death is a regular occurrence in FTL, but the frantic battle for survival that happens just before your inevitable demise is the really fun part. It's due out this year, and there's currently a Kickstarter campaign if you're interested in backing it.

Check out our FTL preview to find out why we're so excited by it, and fly by the official FTL site for more details.

Tom Senior

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