Frozen Synapse 2 gets neat new trailer, delayed to 2017

"Imagine being able to simulate the next five seconds of your life, see the consequences of your actions, then change your plan accordingly," is how Tom Francis introduced his review of 2011's wonderful stop-start strategy game Frozen Synapse—an opening that not only stands as an intro but also details the game's central mechanic. Now imagine that its incoming sequel has a new and flashy trailer, but is also being delayed into 2017.

Both statements are in fact true but before we dwell on the latter, know that Frozen Synapse 2 has some new units and weapons, and flaunts a snippet of its multiplayer mode 'One Turn', which, you might have guessed, is a match comprising just one turn. 

"The great thing about this is that once you have committed your turn, you can watch how it plays out against anyone else in the world who has taken the opposite side on that particular seed," reads a post on the game's site. "This is cool, trust us."

Although originally due at some point this year—at the time of writing the game's Steam page still notes "late 2016" as its ETA—Frozen Synapse 2 has now been pushed back to an undetermined date in 2017. Until we know more, this article on why developer Mode 7 Games feels series sibling Frozen Cortex was a conceptual failure makes for interesting reading.