Frostpunk studio commits to expansions as sales hit 250,000 in three days

The masterful misery simulator Frostpunk has already sold 250,000 copies, developer 11 Bit Studios said today, meaning that it's already covered its development and marketing costs and is now sailing the warm blue seas of profitability. It also means that expansion content, including free updates, is now guaranteed to happen. 

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"We plan to polish some rough edges of the original game—you're reporting some issues with difficulty balance, with minor bugs and such. We want to fix that! We also plan to add more modes and scenarios to the game," the studio wrote in a Steam update. "It's too early to announce [specific plans]—but you should be excited. And yes—a sandbox/endless mode is on our mind as well. Frostpunk is going to grow - all you have to do right now is to wait a little bit. We do plan to release a roadmap for our development plans as soon as we're ready." 

Fan suggestions for new features are welcomed, but don't feel bad if yours doesn't make it: "Remember that we also have our ideas and our plans - so we can't promise that your particular idea can be implemented in any way in Frostpunk," 11 Bit wrote. 

For now it sounds like squishing bugs is the priority, and the developers are currently working on a patch to address reported technical issues. It's also released a "support guide" that should help correct most of the problems players encounter. 

Something else you should probably do if you're just getting into Frostpunk is consult with our list of the nine things you should know before taking the charge of humanity's last hope. It could help prevent a lot of citizens becoming popsicles. 

Andy Chalk

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