Fresh Crysis 2 launch details

A demo of Crysis 2 was just shown at the EA Press Conference at Gamescom. EA have simultaneously announced some of the pre-order bonuses, prices, and hilariously priced tchokes you can buy. And there's a beta. But it's only on Xbox 360. Err... guys! We'd like to be on the beta, too!

There are two limited editions. The first is available for no extra cost, and will get you a nose ahead in the multiplayer modes with special unlocks. They include, according to the press release.

The second is the 'Nano Edition', and you might want to mortgage your house for it. It comes in a steel case, and contains a 28cm statue of Prophet, your character. He's standing on a New York taxi. There's an artbook, too. It's only available for pre-order.

I'm still grumpy about the lack of a PC beta though.