Free games of the week

Star Raptor by Y310 Games

Star Raptor

The controls are a bit weird in this arcadey space game, so you might want to use a controller. It's a nice, clean-looking shoot-'em-up with a tough difficulty level, and a very hyperactive soundtrack you'll maybe want to mute. It's always good being in a spaceship in a galaxy full of space-baddies, and Star Raptor fulfils that brief pretty well.

Luxe Chalk by Konjak

Luxe Chalk

The original Chalk is one of my favourite freeware games, and out of the blue its creator Konjak has released this unfinished 'HD' sequel, which he was working on before starting Iconoclasts. Compared to the original, it's a more developed drawing-based shmup that introduces a few new mechanics, and I've really enjoyed what I've played of it so far. As with its predecessor, you clear obstacles by drawing lines with the mouse, and defeat enemies by drawing lines from their projectiles back to them. Several years later, it's still a winning idea.

Tourist by Owl Cave


Created for Asylum Jam, Tourist is a short room-escape (sorta) adventure game with some nice art, a palpable atmosphere, and a strong (warning: pretty dark and unsettling) ending. There's a lot of story contained in the item descriptions, so I suggest right-clicking on everything you possibly can.

Homeland by Rook


Fallow developer Rook made this for the Kitty Horrorshow clone jam, and like many of Kitty's games it's a lonely wandering game with a story relayed through strewn crystal fragments. The difference here is voice acting, which mingles with the atmospheric music, and the mysterious, abstract setting, to pipe an intriguing short story into your head.

Reunition by Rage Monster Games


Another Asylum Jam entry, Reunition is a puzzle-horror game featuring scrumptious pixel art, and an odd central mechanic I never quite figured out. It's something to do with mirrors, and your handy lantern, which you can dim to avoid the various hazards that want to do you in. You're trying to find your son, who's run off and gotten swallowed up by a creepy magic mirror. Or something. This has a bloomin' lovely atmosphere though. (Via Warp Door)