Free FIFA 16 demo is now available through Origin


Do you like FIFA 16? The obvious answer is, you don't know, because it's not actually out yet—it won't hit the shelves until September 22, which is still a couple weeks away. But if you think you might, you may now try it out via the free demo that's hovering around on Origin hoping someone remembered to bring a ball.

The site doesn't do an overly good job of detailing what exactly the demo includes, but according to FIFPlay it offers 12 playable teams, including the US and German Women's National Teams, three stadiums, four-minute halves, and "professional/world class" difficulty level. The demo will also support the new FUT Draft, the FIFA Trainer, six new "skill games" that will be playable while matches are loading, and the Bundesliga Broadcast Presentation, which boasts "authentic broadcast graphics" when two of the teams in the demo—Borussia Dortmund and Borussia Mönchengladbach—meet at the Borussia-Park stadium.

The FIFA 16 demo is not an insignificant download, clocking in at a little over 3.5GB, and it requires Origin, which may still be a sticking point for some people. But it's also free, so why not, right? Grab it here.

Andy Chalk

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