Free DLC for Total War: Warhammer detailed

Terrorgheist total War Warhammer

If you still harbour rage at the relegation of Total War: Warhammer's Chaos faction to a pre-order bonus or paid DLC, take heart: free extras are on the way too. You might call it a peace offering.

On the Total War: Warhammer Future Content Blog, Creative Assembly tells us to expect light additions such us new units, spells, quest chains and Legendary Lords to compliment existing armies and open up new tactical avenues.

More excitingly, towards the end of the year we'll get a new playable race. I know there's no shortage of evil in the Old World, but gosh darn I'm hoping for Dark Elves.

As to the paid stuff, Lord Packs will contain a selection of Legendary Lords and units, complete with quest chains, campaign bonuses and items, while Race Packs do what you'd expect. Campaign Packs headline, however, adding a new playable race and a Challenge Campaign themed around a landmark event in Warhammer lore.

How are we feeling about the Chaos thing now? Placated or madder than a bag of Screamers?