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Watch Total War: Warhammer's Chaos Warriors in action

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Look upon the face of controversy and know madness! The forces of Chaos, sectioned off as a pre-order bonus for Total War: Warhammer (opens in new tab) to widespread anger, have been revealed. The 18-minute developer let's play introduces the Chaos armies as they battle against the Empire. Karl Franz and co. bring their own new units, such as the pegasus-mounted Light Wizard.

Creative Assembly is keen to stress that even if you don't pre-order, you'll still be able to play against Chaos in the campaign. Indeed, one of the victory conditions for the Vampire Counts (opens in new tab) is to keep the forces of madness bottled up in the north. Chaos will also be available to all in custom battles.

We're closing in on the belated May 24 release (opens in new tab). To mark the approach, PC Gamer UK's May issue (opens in new tab) has an angry gryphon on its cover as we ask how Total War: Warhammer's disparate factions fit together. It's on sale now.