Free Baba Is You update doubles size of game, adds cross-platform level editor

Hempuli Oy has released a sweet update to Baba Is You, the brilliant puzzle game that took us all by surprise in 2019. It's not just the cross-platform level editor that was promised in the past, but a full-on expansion sized load of stuff with it. There are 150 new puzzles, 100 puzzles that showcase unused designs and cut content, and new objects, art, music, etc. It's a lot of extremely exciting stuff if you, like me, want more Baba Is You. It's also free, on top of a game you probably paid no more than $15 US for.

The editor comes along with a curated list of featured community-made levels, and the ability to share your levels with others even if they're on Switch or Android or iOS or whatever other platform. 

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Somewhere between logic game, puzzler, and adorable journey, Baba Is You got a 90 in our 2020 review, and has sat on our list of Hardest Games for a while now. In it, you can change the rules of the game by moving words around as blocks on the screen. There's an absolutely wild amount of creativity that this game's community should unleash, given these tools. (Also, our list of the best low-spec games.)

You can find Baba Is You on its official website, and for sale on, Steam, and Humble

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