Baba is You has a cross-platform level editor coming

Baba Is You
(Image credit: Hempuli Oy)

Top-notch puzzle game Baba is You will be getting a level editor and sharing system in 2020 that will work across platforms, says the official twitter account. Players will be able to create levels and share them with others on any of the game’s other platforms—that’s PC, Mac, Linux, and Nintendo Switch. “Yes, the online level selection will be the same for all platforms it’s available on,” said another tweet. That's welcome news for one of this year’s most pleasant releases, a puzzler that understands and plays with the mechanics of language in a way that few others do.  

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Baba is You swept indie awards in 2018, earning eight IGF award nominations and winning the Excellence in Design award and Best Student Game prize. Our review scored it way up at a 90. “Baba is You deserves its critical acclaim,” said reviewer Philippa Warr, “It’s part logic puzzle, part existential quandary, part love letter to how much potential is contained in the tiny building blocks of language.” We subsequently put it on our Top 100 Games.

I find this very exciting because the other day I had a hankering for more Baba is You and realized that there was not, in fact, any more Baba is You for me to play. Now there will be. And you will make it for me, thanks.




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