That Four Seasons Total Landscaping debacle is already a VRChat hangout for furries

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I'm at Four Seasons Total Landscaping. I'm at the newest VR hangout for furries. I'm at the combination Four Seasons Total Landscaping and newest VR hangout for furries.

In what is sure to be the fastest translation of a Philadelphia landscaping company into a VR playground, YouTuber and fursuit enthusiast coopertom has built a model of Four Seasons Total Landscaping for VRChat, a modern hotspot for memes and VR antics. Four Seasons obtained viral status over the weekend when President Trump's legal team chose it as the site for a hastily arranged press conference, seemingly conflating it with the slightly more famous and upscale Four Seasons hotel.

Coopertom's VRChat version of the Four Seasons perfectly captures the "is this really the best you can do?" energy of Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani's press conference site. It's all there: the paint-chipped turqouise wall, the lonely speakers, the small podium placed in front of the garage door plastered with campaign signs. The vibe in VRChat, however, is a bit more fun than Giuliani's rambling, conspiratorial accusations of voter fraud.

In Four Seasons' VRChat debut, coopertom and a group of fellow furries bounce around the environment soaking in the details, which coopertom built in five and a half hours. "You even got stuff behind the windows. You even went that far with the detail!" one of them exclaims. "That's some Half-Life nonsense. Jesus."

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"I had to make sure the hose reel was here," says coopertom in the video tour above, his avatar addressing the camera. Another player dressed as '90s cartoon character Bonkers D. Bobcat leans into frame and waves his hands as if to say ta-da.

It's hard not to love the video from coopertom's Twitter above, because everyone in it is clearly taking so much joy from being at the site that embodies the end of the Trump presidency. Their laughter is infectious, and the quintessentially American marching band song playing in the background crystallizes the satirical absurdity.

But mostly, I can't stop thinking about Rudy Giuliani stumbling upon this video and trying—and I have to assume completely, utterly failing—to understand what's happening in it as wolves, furry dragons, and '90s cartoon character scurry back and forth. Does Giuliani have any concept of VR? Does he know that furries exist? What am I talking about—he's a cybersecurity professional. I'm sure this concentrated dose of internet virality isn't perplexing for him at all.

Since first uploading the map, coopertom has made one small update, changing the Trump campaign signs on the garage door to read "Dump" instead. You can download the map for VRChat here.

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