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This week on the PC Gamer forums: Rockfish Games is chatting about Everspace 2 in our Studio Spotlight, our opinions on Wasteland 3, sports that don't have a videogame equivalent, and when we're all planning our next GPU upgrades.

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Here are the best threads for the forum this week:

Studio Spotlight: Rockfish Games

Everspace 2 developers Rockfish Games have taken over the forum this week for our monthly Studio Spotlight. Not only have they given our members an exclusive gameplay video, but they've also given us a deep dive into the story of Everspace and Everspace 2 and have been answering questions in the AMA thread all week. If you're a fan of Everspace, or would like a peek behind the scenes of game development, make sure to check their threads out.

Question: So whats the plan for players who finish the story but still want to play, whats the endgame going to look like?The_Bright_King

Answer: I think we will be rather going for more endgame content instead of replayability. It's not a branched storyline where you can miss something by following a certain path. We're planning Everspace 1 style "rifts", where you have to survive a certain number of locations or even an endless highscore rift may be possible. Also, achievements, challenges, side missions, collectables, hunt for better gear, own the best ships, have the biggest hangar, unlock every perk, etc.—BFG_HCK

Here's a link to the Studio Spotlight area.

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Wasteland 3

The post-nuclear RPG Wasteland 3 released at the tail-end of August and community forum members have been chatting about their impressions. Jody gave it high praise in his review, describing it as a, "wilfully strange setting explored through a predictable but enjoyable old school RPG." Have you played Wasteland 3, and if so, let us know how you got on with it in the thread.

I haven't played any of the previous Wasteland games but I'll definitely be checking this one out, as it has co-op. Gotta love gamepass, too.—drunkpunk

I never played the OG Wasteland, but I played through Wasteland 2 and went through the enhanced edition a few years ago. Looks like they've improved some aspects of the combat UI as well as making it prettier. Hope they can keep the same feel as well as improving on the formula.Kaamos_Llama

Currently installing with Gamepass. Wasteland 2 was a bit hit and miss, so I'm hoping Wasteland 3 will be better combat wise, not to mention not having any game-breaking bugs.—Frindis

Here's a link to the thread. 

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Is there a sport you play that doesn't have a video game equivalent?

In this thread, the community gets chatting about sports that don't get the representation they deserve in video games. How does football, wrestling, and even Quidditch get all the gaming glory when there's rugby, hurling, and table tennis sitting in the wings? If there's a sport you play that you feel needs its time to shine, leave a comment in the thread.

I play a lot of disc golf but there isn't any good disc golf games in the same vein as traditional golf has with the PGA series. There's a few mobile apps which are alright, and there are a couple VR games but they don't have the robust physics needed to actually replicate the experience.XoRn

Kendo. And no, wii sports doesn't countinvader

Of sports I used to play: Hurling—I'm not aware of any game, good or bad, for it. Doesn't seem right for a main contender for world's oldest field game, and world's fastest field sport. Rugby—still waiting for a version to match what Madden or FIFA do for their sports. Athletics—there was Summer Athletics 12 years ago which was kinda ok for the time, but nothing since? Should be lots of potential in that sphere.Brain Boru

Here's a link to the thread.

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Weekend Question: When are you planning your next GPU upgrade?

With Nvidia's RTX 3070 recent announcement, we've been chatting about when we're all going to upgrade our GPUs and Jody has decided to ask the community for their opinions too. Are you planning on upgrading your GPU soon? Or if not, why? Let us know in the thread.

Im currently using a 4gb 1050 ti and don't plan on upgrading for another 2 or 3 years. The card is perfect for everything i'm throwing at it and lowering a Graphic setting or two to improve FPS is totally okay with me. It's going to take a really special game or a hardware failure to make me upgrade early (touch wood).—IndecentLouie

About time to upgrade my whole PC pretty soon. The only thing I like about it right now is the case! Current card is a 1080 so definitely not regretting getting it.—Zloth

Here's a link to the full thread.

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