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This week on the PC Gamer forums: community members tackle building their first PCs, indie game company Skullbot Games has an AMA on the PC Gamer forums, and the community tries to find the formula to what would make fighting games more popular.

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Here are the week’s discussions:

Skullbot Games AMA: A 3 man team based out of L.A

The PC Gamer community is thrilled to have Skullbot Games joining us on the forums. While they may be new to the indie scene, Skullbot Games' 3 founders have a strong pedigree in AAA games, working on titles such as Overwatch and Guild Wars. 

With their talent, they wanted to make a fresh game for the indie space. They’ve teamed up to develop a hack and slash called Gone Viral. Learning from some of the best in the industry is an amazing opportunity. This AMA is very open, so feel free to ask questions!

"We" found ourselves in a place where we wanted to start something together for the indie space and start something that was close to our hearts and through this adventure, our hack n slash roguelite, Gone Viral started to sprout its wings.AG-Moosey

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Building a PC for the First Time

In getting a PC, some gamers buy pre-built, while others build their own. Building your own PC from the ground up is one of the best reasons to be a PC Gamer. It’s like creating a piece of art, you get to decide the color, the shape, and the function. However, picking out the right components is no easy task, and finding the best parts at the right price can be overwhelming. 

Community member cornbreadlyfe found themselves in that situation. They wanted to run FPS games such as Overwatch, PUBG, Warzone, etc. In finding the best PC for this, they inquired if upgrading certain parts is worth the cost. The PC Gamer community heard the call and was quick to help. This thread is a nice intro to understanding the financial aspect of PC picking.

Purchasing something you know you're probably going to upgrade in the near future is not financially shrewd. If at all possible, I would wait until Zen 3 releases next month instead of purchasing a compromise CPU now and then replacing it within the next year.Zoid

Definitely is worth the wait!! I'll find out on the 16th but I'm sure the big rush is gonna be for the 3080s. The 3070 is still a monster and well worth the wait.—FreezerBurn

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Fighting games are a nostalgic genre. People remember putting quarters in the arcade machine, and seeing who could remain undefeated. Nowadays the arcades have disappeared. The competitive scene has grown but lacks a larger audience compared to FPS games. Common reasons have pointed to poor online experience to fighting games being harder to learn. Forum member RamiMorrar gets to the heart of why fighting games aren’t more popular in this discussion.

Fighting games have always been a niche and they do have a stable tho not overblown community. Trick is they're hard to master and if you really wanna do good competitively you have to spend hours upon hours perfecting certain characters.Dakkon

We need good online (aka ROLLBACK netcode) and a wifi/wired indicator in every game. Tekken 7 is popular in spite of it's netplay, imagine how many more people would play it if it had the same standards as Skullgirls or Fight of Animals. spaceflaffy

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