Fortnite's new replay tool is already producing gold

Now I can watch myself fail from every angle. 

Fortnite's new replay editor has been out for hours, and players are already turning their matches into horrifying, beautiful, turgid internet content. Below we've collected some of the best stuff we've seen so far, and early impressions indicate the tools are fairly intuitive and powerful. Expect YouTube and Twitter to become overrun with Fortnite memes and montages, slow-mo headshots and slapstick gags edited in time with house music stretching from here into infinity. 

Every meme at once

This compilation of winning by Reddit user SaladeCanadienne is a sublime roller coaster of YouTube meme language conflated with skillful Fortnite play. It is excellent in the way a prairie fire is excellent. A contagious, dangerous light in the dark. 

How it's done

YouTuber edir whipped up a quick demo of what the replay tool is capable of, stringing together some clips testing the provided camera settings and focal length transitions. Edited next to some spirited electronic music and you've got yourself a montage, hooo-wee


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I personally look forward to a new era of overproduced montages. Get after it, Enigma.

Toilet disco

In this video YouTuber GameNight put together a short about everyone's reaction to finding one of the weird new dancefloors added without explanation in the latest update. Even toilet factory workers need to dance it out, it seems. 

Take on me

Perhaps the replay tool's best use is to finally provide players a way to make proper dance videos, and YouTuber Exion's map-trotting jig to Take On Me by a-ha is a great way to kick things off. 

Looking up

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Fortnite's enigmatic comet looks sublime up close thanks to this video from Fortnite Intel. Even if it wipes out humanity, at least the object ending us will do it looking good. 

Beats'n Slow-mo

PenaPro's montageg of a player dressed in Raven gear doing cool shit basically captures how I feel when I'm playing dressed in Raven gear. My montage would show the cool, skillful plays happening to me, the subject of great humiliation, but nothing can clip these feathers. Turn it up. 

Please rewind

Reddit user Brazuka_txt put together this stylish VHS montage of a firefight decided by the use of the new Port-a-Fort item. The heavy synth makes really gets the blood flowing. 

A bird's-eye view

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When you do something rad, the replay system is also nice for just watching it from every angle. No loud montages required. Here, Twitch streamer Dakotaz tries out using four Port-a-Forts on top of one another. Looks just as cool from up here. 

Hail to thee, everlasting llama

The replay tool is also useful for lining up lovely photos. Look at this majestic plaster mammal, framed with care and grace by Reddit user jame_cool. 

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