Fortnite's boob physics are an 'embarrassing and unintended' mistake, will be fixed

Fortnite Season 6 has arrived, and there's an awful lot going on. Backpack pets. Shadow Stones. 100 new cosmetics. But one thing stands out from all the rest: Calamity's new, um, moves

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Calamity's new jiggle is not a sign that Fortnite is headed into Dead or Alive territory, (which recently committed to toning down its breast physics). Epic told me via email that the movement is a bug, not a feature.

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"This is embarrassing and unintended," a rep said. "We are working on a fix as soon possible."

The oddness of the animation is amusing, but Epic's reaction seems a little strong, particularly given that this sort of thing is a feature and not a bug in some games—never forget Conan Exiles' infamous dong slider. But there are millions of eight-year-olds around the world playing Fortnite, and eight-year-olds have parents, and parents don't always take to this sort of thing very well. As a feature, and an attention-getter, this isn't the kind of thing that Fortnite needs.

Andy Chalk

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